Gabriel Fahrenheit is one of the most famous citizens of Gdańsk. Every American knows the name of the Gdańsk inventor of the temperature scale, as to this day the United States has remained a country where the atmospheric temperature is measured in Fahrenheit degrees. And although the famous scientist had spent most of his life in the Netherlands and England, he did not forget about maintaining relationships with the city of his birth and childhood, to which he returned twice during his adult life. According to the popular legend, the zero point temperature in the Fahrenheit scale was determined during one of the visits to the hometown, based on the lowest temperature recorded in Gdańsk in the winter of 1708/1709. Zero degrees on this scale correspond to minus 17.8 degrees Celsius. At present, in Gdańsk it is worth seeing two souvenirs reminding about the origin of Fahrenheit. The first of these is the Fahrenheit tenement house, located at Ogarna 95 Street, which has recently been decorated with a painting containing the physicist’s first and last name. The second is located at Long Market, at the exit of Mieszczańska Street, a meteorological column, stylised in the forms of the eighteenth century, containing a thermometer and a barometer. Although the device is contemporary, it is a reconstruction of a similar one that had been located here before the war.