Neptune is not the only antique god whose artistic figurative representation decorates the area of Long Market. Mercury is the second of them. He is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Hermes, the deity of caring traders, profits, merchants, customs officers. . . as well as thieves. And it cannot be hidden that in a large port city, which Gdańsk has always undoubtedly been, those were professions of paramount social importance. Therefore, it was indispensable for the former inhabitants of Gdańsk to symbolically devote themselves to the protection of this mythical god. The Gdańsk Mercury is a figure made of zinc sheet. As befits a messenger of the gods, he was presented in a fully dynamic pose, as if running, along with his traditional attributes, winged sandals and an equally winged hat, the so-called ‘petasos’. The statue stands on the top of the dome crowning a small building on the terrace of the Artus Manor – a monument, which you cannot miss when visiting Gdansk. It houses the entrance to a vast vaulted cellar of the manor house, which was a popular meeting place for Gdańsk residents there they consumed various beverages in the 17th century. According to the local legend, standing above the entrance to the premises, with his finger upraised high Mercury was to warn the guests of the premises to obey against the fatal consequences of excessive consumption of wine in the manor undergrounds.