1. IR sensor
  2. LED charge indicator
  3. HAC-compatible speaker **
  4. Backlit LCD screen
  5. Soft-touch keyboard
  6. Reset to factory settings
  7. Lanyard opening
  8. Charge/ transmit port
  9. Headphone jack, 3.5 mm

**Hearing aid users can listen to the guide directly.

Switching on
  1. Press ◾, to turn the player on.
  2. If you see , press both buttons (◾ and )simultaneously to turn the player on.

Note! The players have a built-in battery; before starting work, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Powering off
  1. To turn the player off, press ◾ and hold for ten seconds, or put the unit in the charger. The theft-prevention system continues to operate.
  2. To turn the player and its theft prevention system off, press and hold the buttons ◾ and for three seconds or place the unit in the charger.
Selecting the language (01~32)
  1. After turning the player on, you will see .
  2. Press and , to select the language.
  3. Press , to select the language.
Changing the language (01~32)
  1. If you want to change the languate you are using, enter #1, and then press .
  2. You will see the screen shown here . Press and , to select the language.
  3. Press to confirm your language choice and exit the settings.
Audio track playback (1~9999)
  1. Enter the preferred track number. Press ◾ if you would like to select another number.
  2. Press to play the track back.
  3. Continue pressing or, to scroll the track forward or backward.
  4. If needed, press the button again to pause playback.
  5. If needed, press ◾ to pause playback.

Note! The track will be played back automatically without any button press, if the function „Auto playback” is switched on via the Audio Master 3.

Volume adjustment
  1. Press or to adjust the playback volume.
  2. After setting the preferred volume, leave it be for one second, and the player will automatically leave the settings.
The button ``i``
  1. Press when the player is on.
  2. You will see .
  3. If necessary, create your own window/ page using Audio Master 3.
Check your settings
  1. To check the player settings, press simultaneously and ◾*, when the player is off.
  2. You will see the screen below. Press or , to scroll the pages.
  3. To leave this screen, press ◾, and the player will turn off again.

* If the player was switched off by simultaneously pressing and , the buttons ,and should be pressed at the same time.